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SIPS | Ogdensburg NY


Address: 17 Commerce St. Ogdensburg NY

Facebook Page: Yes

Website: Yes


Wednesday Pub Menu (4 pm Happy Hour) 5 pm-12 am

Thursday (4 pm Happy Hour) 5 pm-12 am

Friday (4 pm Happy Hour) 5 pm-12 am

Saturday 5 pm-12 am

"Signature Fare and Cocktails"

We enjoyed a few cocktails, diving into new experiences as we sat and sipped for a bit.

Hiding behind a plain dull house-looking structure is a hidden gem. Beautifully decorated that invites those looking for an amazingan evening out to dine and enjoy crafted cocktails and beers.

Made with professional care

The apps are delish and the cocktails are pure taste bud entertainment

Try something new! Try something to explore

Looking for fun or maybe a quick cocktail or maybe a meal that you will rave about? Your mood is paired with food.

Explore what Ogdensburg has to offer with this delightful pub/restaurant hidden away but right in front of you.

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