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The Ole Smokehouse | Madrid NY

3 Beers

3512 Country Route 14: Madrid, NY 13660

We gave it 3 tries...most likely will go back at some point, but it is not a favorite in the area.

Food: the food is very tasty they do have the flavors down, but sometimes they don't have what you want. Sometimes you can tell it was yesterday's better choice. Although edible it could be a bit more enjoyable.

Drinks: The draught was very cold so totally easy to enjoy.

Cleanliness: Clean and comfortable

Hick meter: it is a smokehouse in Madrid...need I to say more.

Attitude: a good attitude but seemed like they had to try to make time for us.

Bathroom: good

Bonus: You can tell there was much put into the decor of the place to make it feel like a smokehouse of the west

Complaints: Every time we are in there the service is not all that great, you do not only wait for food but you wait on everything

Online presence: Facebook page

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