Episode 10: Can a Review be Good and Bad?


I am sure that most of you have a favorite place you go to in your area. You might even have a favorite pub you visit while traveling.
We have our go-to bar/restaurant we frequent but....
We are now in a love/hate situation with this place. Can you love a place but also get annoyed with the people.
We have to sometimes chose between good food and dickheads.

Episode 9: Our Trip to Key West

 We are so looking forward to getting back to Key West FL🤗 If you have not been, go! One of our favorite vacation spots is in the Keys. Key West Florida  is like a Vegas without the gambling and desert. With fake tattoos gone wrong and Darth Vader, we made it through the vacation with most of our dignity in tacked We sorta behaved there but it is a great way to not be yourself lol www.theroadsidepitstop.com onthebarfly.com

Episode 8: Can't Believe we drank that!

 t is one of those "Remember when" kinda conversations. We reminisce about the drunk glory days and how being broke had us at the mercy of cheap ass alcohol. Most of our party days are behind us but I am sure those experiences reflect in our personalities still today.

Episode 7: Locked Down and Naked


After being locked in the house during COVID Pandemic, it felt strange to enter into public activities. Going out to dinner was a weird experience. It was like we immersed from a cave into bizarre land.
We discuss how just hanging out naked was cool but then we actually had to get dressed to go out. We also start to wonder what traveling will be like as we sit in our bubble.

Episode 6: Infuse Your Alcohol


Great article for infusing alcohol

We put jalapenos in Vodka and Tequila. Great for bloody Mary party. The Tequila is great with grapefruit juice. 
It was so easy to infuse our supply and spice up our cocktails. 

Another great one is herb and garlic vodka

Episode 5: Pandemic Traveling Tips - Don't


Getting home from overseas as the pandemic unfolds. The trip was planned for months and is a yearly adventure, but... we went, we made the best of it, and now we have made it home.

Bangkok and Sydney trip.
I was wondered how to get back home and had a few plans changed, but we could get home before the lockdown. You think that would be enough nail-biting adventure, but not by far.
Then lockdown and quarantine. The vehicle remained in another country for weeks gaining parking fees.

In this episode of On The Bar Fly we discuss how fun it was to travel while the world decides to shut down and lock everyone in their homes.

Episode 4: We should not be left unsupervised!

 A few thoughts and stories, sometimes we have good ideas, but none of them are in this episode. 

  • We know what to do with frozen dog poo. 
  • They don’t need the posters in bathrooms. 
  • Do you wear a mankini? 
  • Also, a cameo from Harley, the jerky bird



Usually, when traveling, you will prepare by looking up attractions to visit. I look up museums, and we go if it happens to bring up a sex museum.

New York City has a sex museum, but it is not worth the money. There were some exciting things there, like the dress made of pubic hair and wtf? We learned things we were not sure we needed to know. Maybe we are wiser for it; only time will tell.

Las Vegas has a sex museum called 'The Las Vegas Erotic Heritage Museum.'

This was convenient as it was right across the street from our hotel. We looked up shows to see and found the Puppetry of the Penis. Of course, that was a must-see again.
I laughed so hard my face and gut hurt.


First off, the clown was the one on a unicycle. I was actually sitting at a bar in Sydney, Australia. I was also sitting there with my husband and Stan, the Sock Monkey.

While we sat there, taking pictures of our monkey on the bar and enjoying a beer, I got up and left the bar.....

My husband viewed me leaving the bar and said, "There is a clown on a unicycle."

A few moments later, I flew back in, grabbed the monkey, and stated I would be right back.

The bartender looked at my husband in question, but my husband was not fazed and just shrugged, "That is kinda normal for her."

I had made a deal with the anti-fracking clown.

I ran after him when I saw him pass the bar window. I had met up just a short way as he sat down to rest. I can understand that riding a unicycle while spreading the word about fracking can be exhausting.

Stan the Drunk Sock Monkey
I know...how lucky am I that I did not have to chase him very far?
I asked him if he would mind taking a picture with my sock monkey. He said sure, but...

There was a catch, he posed with a sock monkey owned by some crazy non-Australian lady that just run out of a bar, and I listened to his spiel about fracking. (click here if you don't know what fracking is).

He gave me some information, and he posed with the monkey.

I returned to the bar with my monkey and phone, sat down, and finished my beer.


We have seen some strange things.


Would you eat meat that you found in a bag in a parking lot? Would you even consider it?

Would you stop and gather up road kill? What exactly would you do with that meat?

I heard two ladies in the restroom talking about a bag of meat found in the parking lot.

We have lots of questions:

  • Who leaves a bag of meat?
  • How do you forget your meat?
  • Why do you even consider keeping a bag of meat you find?
  • We have seen someone stop on the side of the road and pick up a dead turkey.

Still, we have questions:

  • What exactly will you do with this turkey?
  • Then there is my brother, that hits a turkey on his way home.
  • So you hit a turkey on your way home. Do you pick it up and take it home to BBQ?

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