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Coach's Corner Sports Bar & Grill | Massena NY

Overall Rating: 4/5 Beers

Address: 191 Park Ave. Massena, NY

Website:​​ No

Facebook Page: Yes

Our Order: Food: Well done

Drinks: Good varied menu for drinks

What we think: Looking from the street, this could be an old saloon. Inside it is a great place to be. We have been there a couple of times and the food was good. The choices are different enough that it stands out from the average diner experience. It has a sports bar feel and also caters to many different ages and interests. Not a cheap date night but quality stands up to the price.

Cleanliness: 3/5 Somewhat

Attitude Rating: 3/5 Nice but a bit disorganized

Bathroom Rating: 3/5

Hickmeter: 4/5

Bonuses: None

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