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Ray's Place | Massena NY

2 Beers

197 Park Ave

Massena, NY ​​

Well, we found the ghost town. Although there were people in the few other places we stopped this place was very quiet. Once again we found ourselves alone in the place while the bartender went out for a smoke. I do understand we visit many places during their off-hours, on purpose. But we have a thing (or trustworthy faces) and are left in a bar quite often alone.

We had our draft ( the worst of the day) Not sure if they should bother. We stayed for a bit and that was the excitement ​​

Hick Meter: I bet there are some somewhere Attitude: not sure how to say it, but Ok we are here and you are here and that sums it up Cleanliness: sure Bathroom: Well that was weird. Needs a bit of TLC and maybe less abuse Bonuses: it is quiet

Facebook: Yes

Sometimes better to stay home for a beer...

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