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Admiral's Inn | Alexandria Bay NY

3 Beers

20 James St., Alexandria Bay, NY, Alexandria Bay, NY

There is always a hit and miss when you stop by a place that is known for tourism. Booming in the summer with special events, there is always a crowd and always pressure to please that crowd. We hit this place during a motorcycle rally but were able to get good service, OK food, and watch the bikes.

Food: salad and sandwich, it was edible but nothing to rave about. A 'will do' dish

Drinks: Bud Light bottle - service was good

Cleanliness: traffic was apparent

Hick meter: bikers of all ages

Attitude: to make as much during the busy season is so apparent

Bathroom: close to the bar and in good shape

Bonus: outside seating

Complaints: smoke right on the street. Closed for the Season

Online presence: Facebook page

It is an 'all right' place to stop for a bite or drink when everything is packed

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