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Brew Revolution | Stittsville ON

Updated: Jul 18, 2023


6081 Hazeldean Rd

Stittsville, ON, Canada, Ontario

Brew Revolution Stittsville ON

As I walked up to the building the theme eluded me but became obvious when we went in. This is a cool joint with so much atmosphere for a small place. Great beer! Great service! and Fun!


It was so groovy to sit and have a brew while people flipped through milk crates full of vinyl searching for their next treasure.

I fancied the Walkin' on sunshine New England IPA, it was so good it warranted a second. Naan with Hummus was the perfect mid day snack. The menu is fun and offers a variety that is a definite pleaser.

It is always a treat to have service that is knowledgeable and acknowledgeable. The service was amazing. Our server was really helpful and knowledgeable about the menu. They even let us sample our beer choices before committing to a glass.

Brew Revolution

Set in the brewery is a simple table full of records for purchase. People came and went with their new tunes as we sat and enjoyed our drinks.

We highly recommend this Stittsville Brewery if you're looking for a really special experience. We will definitely be back and try more of their delicious food and beer!

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