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Amarone | New York City NY

Updated: Jul 17, 2023


Address: 686 9TH Ave, New York, New York

Website:​​ Yes

Facebook Page: Yes

Our Order: I had the pleasure of trying the Salmon and Chicken Amarone dishes, and they were both delicious and served in just the right portion.

Grilled Salmon White Wine Sauce
Grilled Salmon

What we think: We learned about this restaurant ahead of time on a boat tour. When we arrived on 9th Street, we didn't have a reservation but were able to get a tall table in the front window. It was a bit cramped in the corner, but we had a nice view of the street and were right by the bar. We ordered some wine to go with our dinner. Unfortunately, we had a horrifying experience with a zombie cockroach, but after we pointed it out, we did receive a second glass of wine for free. To be fair, the windows were open during the day, and those ugh bugs are everywhere. We did kill it, but it came back and started crawling up my chair, so we killed it again.

Hey, the meal was great, the wine was nice, and no one was harmed.

Cleanliness: 4/5

Attitude Rating: 5/5

Bathroom Rating: 4/5

Hickmeter: 2/5

Bonuses: The experience of the City.

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