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Billy Goat Tavern Original | Chicago IL

Billy Goat Tavern

Overall Rating: 5 Beers

Address: Near Tribune Towers and Wrigley Building 430 N. Michigan Ave at Lower Level, Chicago IL

Website:​​ Yes

Facebook Page: Yes

Our Order: We had a few brews

What we think: Just cool! Walk into a different realm of reality. You feel as important as everyone else who has ever walked through those doors. You must read the history of this place. We could have spent our entire afternoon here, but there was a risk of intoxication from alcohol and nostalgia.

A. We didn't get a chance to eat, but sat at the bar and had a few. The walls are covered with old and new newspaper articles, I just wanted to sit and read it all.

F: It was like being swallowed up in time, this is where the feel of Chicago sits. Loved it and would make a point to return.

Cleanliness: 3-as much as to ou can clean up "old"

Attitude Rating: 4- tons, you have been there to appreciate it

Bathroom Rating: 3-closet-like but served the purpose

Hickmeter: 2 celebrities, politicians, regulars, tourists, and hicks

Bonuses: just cool to be there.

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