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Coach Inn | Norfolk NY

Overall Rating: 2/5 Beers

Address: 3 W Main Street Norfolk, NY

Website:​​ No

Facebook Page: Yes

Our Order: Food: We did not eat but it did smell good.

Drinks: Had a Bud light bottle, and watched the waitress eat her lunch at the bar while flirting with some characters that may or may not have lived on those bar stools.

What we think: One of those moments when you ask, "Where the heck am I?"S topped in for a beer but this place has all the local charm and none of the "Hi strangers, come on in and enjoy" A large group of people was finishing up their food, a lot of open space so did not feel crowded. Very local and was a good spot for a 'stop in and have a cold one'. Did not feel comfortable past that.

Cleanliness: 4/5 Very Clean

Attitude Rating: 3/5

Bathroom Rating: DNU

Hickmeter: 5/5

Bonuses: None

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