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Deno's Restaurant | Montreal QC

Overall Rating: 5/5 Beers

Address: 1117 Saint-Denis St. Montreal QC


Facebook Page: Yes

Our Order: Pizza, Poutine, Montreal Smoked meat Sandwich

What we think: It is all about the food, you have to experience it for yourself that is a given. The poutine, the smoked meat, the pizza, orgasm for the mouth, what a great meal. Not the most healthy, but we are talking awesome.

Fe: omg yummy, now I won't be able to eat any other poutine, this is what it is supposed to taste like, needless to say, I think we liked

Mo: We ordered just enough, thank goodness, we could have kept eating till we blew up. A true experience for the mouth like no other.

Cleanliness: na

Attitude Rating: Great

Bathroom Rating: NA

Hickmeter: na

Bonuses: So Good

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