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Dominion Tavern | Ottawa ON

The Dominion Tavern Ottawa

Overall Rating: 1/5 Beers

Address: 33 York St. Ottawa, Ont.

Website:​​ Yes

Facebook Page: Yes

Our Order: Beer -they don't serve food

What we think: A Landmark! This is what you call a dive, a true pub, a bar with all the fixings of ahhhhhhh! This place has a rumor of being a gay bar. With the variety of characters in this place, it is hard to tell what it is.

Fe: It took some guts but we went in. And survived. You have the option of playing board games and spending the day....yes we opt out of scrabbling. The pool tables were busy and some nice people playing couples (at the pool). The bathroom cannot be described..but imagine what you would think of a subway in the TO bathroom....ahhhhh

Mo: It was an experience that was uneventful. We were able to enjoy a brew and sit comfortably. And yes I am glad I stand up to pee.

Cleanliness: 1/5 Not

Attitude Rating: 4/5 Friendly

Bathroom Rating: 1/5 ahhhhhh! They should not allow humans down there.

Hickmeter: 5/5 Everywhere

Bonuses: none

This place changes so many times through the years that it is always an experience to enter this pub, not always a pleasant experience but we give it a go

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