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Durty Nelly's | Halifax NS

Durty Nelly's NS
Nova Scotia

5 Beers

Argyle/Sackville St

Halifax, NS B3J2A3

On the corner, up the hill, a pleasant place to duck out of the cold and into the Irish pub atmosphere. In the middle of the afternoon not very busy, but a great place to absorb some culture. We drank a cold beer on a cold day and did some people-watching while sitting by the window.

We appreciated the warmth, the decor offered to transpire into a different time and a different place. A true pub allows you to be taken away from real life.

We did not have a chance to eat. But we drank a beer and then went on our way.

Cleanliness: Somebody kept up with it to keep it clean.

Attitude: Friendly, service was a bit slow.

Hickmeter: Think we were the only hicks there.

Bonus: none

Bathroom: cool, a bit dark but cool decor.

Online presence: Website

This beautifully designed Irish Pub is worth the visit.

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