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FINS Eatery and Pub | Alexandria Bay NY

4 Beers

43681 State Route 12 Alexandria Bay, NY 13607

Sorry, the pictures suck but it was winter, not the best weather to be thinking about getting a good shot.

How awesome is this place...

To the point, this place is a must-see just for the fish. I mean who doesn't love dining with huge tanks of really cool fish? As you enter you get right to the point, there is the bar and there are the tables. Neat decor to enhance the theme and great food to compliment it all.

Keeping it local and in the family so is how you get served. Always willing to answer questions and I am sure to take whatever you have to say too.

The menu is great and has something you are sure to enjoy and if you don't, well you got to experience this little gem.

Food: We had the fish fry and it was huge, felt a bit guilty considering what/who was watching. It was a great meal.

Drink: I tried the Mango Daiquiri which was very tasty but not something that goes with snow outside. brrrrrrr.

On another occasion, I tried the pink bud light draft for breast cancer awareness. Many choices for your drink.

When it gets busy, as it is a small place, service can slow down but sit back and just enjoy.

Hick Meter: sure

Attitude: Great

Cleanliness: Yes

Bathroom: I will have to use it soon

Bonuses: Did I mention the fish

Online: Facebook

Note: These pictures suck and I have to check out the bathroom, so will return for an update

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