Gaslight of Lake George

Overall Rating: 1/5 Beer

Address: 91 Canada St. Lake George, New York

Website:​​ No

Facebook Page: Yes

Our Order: We ordered a pizza and a burger with fries to share between the two of us.


What we think: We are very understanding when it comes to 'being busy' and things are 'a bit hectic' but the truth about it is better than making us feel like it was our fault. We ordered the pizza to share and a burger that came with fries, which was under the starter menu. We were asked if it was Ok if the items came separately as the pizza would take longer. As we sharing we said of course. 20 minutes later the burger arrived, we asked for ketchup.... 10 minutes later and only 3 fries left, we see our waiter go to restaurant next door and bring back 3 containers of ketchup....we never got ketchup nor was it mentioned again. 10 minutes later the waiter comes to table to ask in a round about way if we still want our pizza as it will still be a few minutes. We try to get a ETA on that pizza with no real answer but decide to wait and have another beer.....

10 minutes later the beer arrives.

Then miraculously this pizza gets to the table, without a word. Tasty and a bit cold we eat the damn pizza. I should mention that while we are waiting for this pizza the table across from us that was seated 30 minutes after us received a pizza that looked like said pizza....while we watched them eat their pizza and waited for the same pizza.

Finally, as yes I realize they were busy, we are ready to leave and our butts are asleep. I have to go find the waiter to ask for the bill, as I had no trust on the timing of which he would show back at our table. I find him with the owner and ask for the bill. I get snapped at "our POS system is acting up so will be with you shortly"

No sorry, no 'hey we will buy your second beer because you ordered it because you waited over 90 minutes to have a full meal.' Nope

So a rating of 1 beer just because the burger was really good.

Cleanliness: 4/5

Attitude Rating: 2/5 the hostess was pleasant

Bathroom Rating: NA

Hickmeter: 1/5

Bonuses: Patio view

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