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Harry McLean's Pub | Merrickville ON

Harry McLean's Pub Merrickville

Overall Rating: 2/5 Beers

Address: 111 St. Lawrence St. Merrickville, Ontario

Website:​​ No

Facebook Page: Yes

Our Order: Not the soup

What we think: Great little spot in a very little area in Ontario. Old fashion feels to the place.

A: Bang your head, tap your feet, flop on the floor, service is slow, and no way to fix it. The small bar area is cozy but impersonal. Felt like I was not supposed to be there. Nice decor.

F: WTF, the people behind us, complained of glass in their soup. Took forever to get a few beers. Great TV's to watch the game,

Cleanliness: 4/5 Very Clean

Attitude Rating: Our attitude was the only one to be found

Bathroom Rating: 3/5 forgot about it already

Hickmeter: 0 we in yuppy ville

Bonuses: Yeah right

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