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Pravda Vodka Bar | Toronto ON

Updated: Jul 18, 2023


Address: 44 Wellington Street East Toronto, Ontario

Website:​​ Yes

Facebook Page: Yes

Our Order: We spent 2 hours sampling the martinis during happy hour. Great prices for the specialty martinis. The waitresses were well versed in everything vodka. We learned so much while enjoying the cocktails. Amazing appetizers accompanied the drinks capping off the whole experience as a must-do!

What we think: We love the unique atmosphere of this bar. With two levels you have many choices from sitting right at the bar or sitting on the couches. The red and black decor brings the Russian decorations alive.

For a classy night out this place is great!

Cleanliness: Very clean

Attitude Rating: Very informative staff. Who knew there was that much to know about Vodka

Bathroom Rating: Lovely

Hickmeter: None but the pot-smelling customers were a bit gross

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