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Seaway Smokehouse | Waddington NY


Address: 11421 State Highway 37, Lisbon west of Waddington, NY

Website:​​ Menu

Facebook Page: Yes

Use the FB Page to find our nightly specials

Our Order: Everything is great and huge.

What we think: A delightful wooden building with great character. They are bringing you the BBQ and serving it up right. The food is what makes this place, it could be a dump and still worth the visit just for the grub. (but it is nice)

Seasonal Patio offers Craft Beer and Wine Slushes with a full menu.

Great atmosphere, friendly people, and yummy food. just all the Fixin for a great meal.

Stopped for lunch and enjoyed every bite. Everything was just right and filled us up. Lovely place with great service. You need to take the time, as the food is fresh and you will wait for it.

Awesome food, great selection on the menu. A great place to bring the family or a group of friends.

Closed Monday and Tuesdays.

The menu and decor are fun. You will not go hungry

Menu changes but you get the point on what they serve and their prices.

Shoutout to the Friday Fish Fry and the Sunday Breakfast.

No fast food here

Cleanliness: 5/5 very

Attitude Rating: 4/5

Bathroom Rating: 3/5 strange but done up nice, there are instructions so make sure you flush properly

Hickmeter: 4/5

Bonuses: Decor

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