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Sergi's | Canton NY

5 Beers

31 Main St

Canton, NY 13617

Work your way to the back, and walk through the pizza-hungry people waiting for their garlic fix. Many tables but not always room for you. The decor is old-school Italian and well used. The food is tasty, service is pleasant but overly friendly. Already made their mark in the small town of Canton, they serve you well and feed you plenty.

We ate pizza and drank there any other way?

Food: Great Pizza, not greasy which is a plus

Drinks: Bud Light Bottle

Cleanliness: yup

Hick meter: a mixture

Attitude: good enough for a great dinner

Bathroom: did not use (not normal for me)

Bonus: you smell like pizza even after you leave.

Complaints: needs an update, chairs are uncomfortable

Online presence: Facebook Page

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