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Texas Roadhouse | Watertown NY

Overall Rating: 4/5 Beers

Address: 20790 State Route 3, Watertown, NY

Website:​​ Yes

Facebook Page: Yes

Our Order: Blooming Onion Which tastes and smells like feet so not having that again. At another time we did have a nice full meal.

What we think: It's new and very hard to get into, we don't usually review chains, but this place is just fun and we did have a few.

Fe: Had a great time, it was very loud and we had to sit at the bar (as if we minded)

Mo: Families and drunks, and some families were drunk. Great place to go for a charged-up evening whether you are out for a few or to have a great meal.

Cleanliness: 3/5 they try I think

Attitude Rating: 4/5

Bathroom Rating: 4/5

Hickmeter: 4/5

Bonuses: Peanuts everywhere

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