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The Helm Bar | Sydney Australia

Overall Rating: 5/5 Beers

Address: 7 Wheat Rd Sydney Australia

Website:​​ Yes

Facebook Page: Yes

Our Order: Draft: Pure Blonde Food This is what we ordered: Antipasto Plate with bacon & mushroom arancini, ham off the bone, spicy salami, Tasmanian brie & lavish. It was so good, and fun to share. We just relaxed and enjoyed the different tastes and experiences.

What we think: Beautiful view of the harbor. Upstairs the tables might be a bit wobbly but the atmosphere is sweet. Plenty to keep the senses entertained with the sights and sounds of the water, boats, and people. This is a great place to have food and drinks

Cleanliness: 4/5

Attitude Rating: 5/5 Quick, helpful and efficient

Bathroom Rating: 4/5 Follow the halls and you get there. Clean and pretty

Hickmeter: 2/5

Bonuses: View

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