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The Port Bistro Pub | Trenton ON

5 Beers

21 Front Street Trenton, ON

Hot Roast Beef Yorshire Sammie

"Hot Roast Beef Yorkshire Sammie: Shaved Slow roasted Enright Cattle Co. beef, in a Yorkshire pudding, house gravy over frites, finished with horseradish mayo" ~their menu

Recommend this place. A classy but cozy place to come away from the hustle of things. Great decor that welcomes and presents their theme well. The menu is fun, a bit expensive but was expected to be. The food was great and different, so to make the whole experience an adventure.

Hick Meter: sprinkled in

Attitude: Lovely people, very helpful and knowledgeable.

Cleanliness: Very

Bathroom: Very clean but did not enjoy the large canvas pictures of food. Right from their menu, I do not wish to see my food while in the bathroom.

Bonuses: Great Atmosphere

Online: website

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