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Alexander Keith's Brewery | Halifax NS

Alexander Keith Brewery

Overall Rating: 5/5 Beers

Address: The Brewery Market 1496 Lower Water Street, Halifax, NS

Website:​​ Yes

Facebook Page: Yes

Our Order: Beer

What we think: This was such an awesome trip, taking the tour was something you just have to experience. You are taken back in time about 1876, the staff and guides are in period costume, talk the talk and walk the walk. There is such history here that you can't help but be in awe. The singing the dancing, the information, and the free samples make this an experience you will remember. Whenever you get the chance to dive into another period, just go for it. You will be all the richer for it.

Cleanliness: 5/5

Attitude Rating: 5/5 Wonderful

Bathroom Rating: 4/5

Hickmeter: 2/5

Bonuses: Great Experience

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