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Garland City Beer Works | Watertown NY


Address: 321 Howk St, Watertown New York

Website:​​ No

Facebook Page: Yes

Our Order: Well we both a few of these above, the Sunday Brunch IPA was very good. For a smooth IPA without any aftertaste, you can sometimes get it.

Great place for a beer

What we think: This large industrial building with its high ceilings has much to offer. With the new and old meeting in the middle give us an awesome place to have a bite and enjoy well-crafted beer. Love the variety in the menu of food and beer. Something for everyone. They offer games to play, large tables, and a unique long bar to cater to your needs.

Great menu

Cleanliness: Very

Attitude Rating: Was busy but had a great attitude.

Bathroom Rating: Love the decor

Hickmeter: 2/3

Bonuses: Great menu and variety. Large space

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